Christmas is coming - a great time to take up playing the guitar

It's that time of the year again, and if you or a loved one would really love to play the guitar, this could be the time to start.  Many years ago, it was when my brother got a guitar for Christmas that I decided I wanted to play too. I got my own guitar for my 11th birthday 3 months later.

It's a great time to book some guitar lessons so I now have gift vouchers available. And if you are buying a guitar, new or secondhand, I'm always glad to give advice. Finding a good fit with the right body size is very important, certainly for children but also for adults. 

A course of lessons will also sort out your new year resolutions. A recent news report from Fender stated "90 Percent of New Guitarists Abandon Playing Within a Year". Don't be part of that 90%, get some professional lessons to get you on the right track to become a player. 

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