How well do online lessons work?

Online guitar lessons are working really well for everyone.

My home studio is set up so that students can see and hear me well, and see what I'm playing.  I spend time with everyone making sure that things are working well on their side so I can see and hear them. 

The majority of students use laptops or tablets but a couple of students have used their phones and this has worked quite well too. I use a 'share screen' function in Zoom where I can put music or chord sheets on screen to work on. This is useful but I also e-mail relevant music/tablature in advance of the lesson where needed. I also send follow e-mails with links to recordings or whatever else will help with individuals' practice.

Are online lessons more impersonal? A lot less so than I expected. With long standing students I used to meet with in the traditional way, it's now the new normal, and for new students that have come along since lockdown I feel we've got to know each other pretty well.

The main difference between traditional face to face 1 to 1 or small group lessons and online tuition is the inability to play together, so there are no duets. Actually, the need to go back and forth - I play then you play - provides some learning advantages; it is quite disciplined, because you have to concentrate and focus. I'm using the strengths of the online medium in the way I teach.

So yes, online lessons work really well, and I've found they are a good fit with my personalised approach to tuition.

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