The songs people love are more diverse than ever

One of the most fascinating and rewarding things about being a guitar teacher is finding out what songs students are really into. With the greater availability of tracks through You Tube and streaming on Spotify etc, there can be a few surprises - and this has got to be a good thing.

You Tube and Spotify present you with suggested tracks and videos that can sometimes be very accurate in appealing to your tastes - I have discovered a number of new artists in this way. It think that's how I first became aware of the increasingly successful Americana duo Mandolin Orange.  So I recommend to young students, play your favourite songs on YouTube or the song you are working on and see what else comes up down the right hand side. 

I've also been please to find how many young students have discovered old music and classic songs that they really like. Here are a few recent examples of songs that have recently been mentioned by young people:

  • Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
  • Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
  • We Can Work it Out - The Beatles
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads - John  Denver
  • Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

Perhaps due to recent movies, kids are discovering Queen, the Beatles and Elton John songs.

Always popular are Living On A Prayer- Bon Jovi and all the great Oasis hits. Good job -it's a little more realistic to aspire to play these than Bohemian Rhapsody!

Alongside this discovery of gems from the pop catalogue from the last half century and more, yes, Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber songs are keenly requested. But not to the exclusion of older, wider choices. If it sounds good and touches you, it is good. This is all very healthy and gives me hope. Plus it keeps me pretty busy always learning and teaching new/not so new songs.

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