All lessons will be online for the foreseeable future

I will teaching acoustic guitar online only for the foreseeable future. I moved to online lessons using Zoom a the end of March when lockdown began. These have been very successful and most of my existing students moved onto using…


How well do online lessons work?

Online guitar lessons are working really well for everyone.

My home studio is set up so that students can see and hear me well, and see what I'm playing.  I spend time with everyone making sure that things are working…


Guitar Lessons during the coronavirus outbreak

Updated 23rd March 2020

It is clear that face to face guitar lessons should no longer take place given the seriousness of the Coronavirus outbreak and the urgent need for social distancing. The most important thing is to stay safe.


The songs people love are more diverse than ever

One of the most fascinating and rewarding things about being a guitar teacher is finding out what songs students are really into. With the greater availability of tracks through You Tube and streaming on Spotify etc, there can be a…


Being realistic and positive about practice

If you are one of those people who makes new years resolutions, a few weeks into the year is about the time that you may get to feeling disappointed in yourself. 

If you play the guitar, you love it and…


The limits of YouTube guitar lesson videos

One of the most amazing things about the Internet has to be YouTube. For music lovers and musicians it is so rich with great performances and recordings, and I have lost count of the excellent artists and music I have…


What's the best age for a child to start guitar lessons? 

This is a very common query from local parents and friends. I think around eight  years old is about the youngest age when children are likely to have the finger strength, concentration and ability to stay still long enough to…


Exam success in Acoustic Guitar Grades

Many congratulations to my students who have recently received excellent results in their graded Acoustic Guitar exams!  I am pleased to say that most of my students are awarded a Distinction.

For those who want to build well rounded…


Do I need to read music to learn to play the guitar?

It isn't necessary to read music to play the guitar, but it can be helpful.  Many of the great guitar players can't read music, but play entirely by ear and by their intimate knowledge of their instrument.

Everyone, however, names…