Exam success in Acoustic Guitar Grades

Many congratulations to my students who have recently received excellent results in their graded Acoustic Guitar exams!  I am pleased to say that most of my students are awarded a Distinction.

For those who want to build well rounded technique on the acoustic guitar the RGT@LCM grades provide a very solid grounding, and they are increasingly challenging as you go up the grades. The graded exams are worth considering for adults as well as children/teenagers. Some of the material, in particular the suggested performance pieces, are being updated in the near future. I have heard some of the pieces and they sound great.

However, the majority of students learn purely for their own pleasure and reward, or to improve their skills for solo performance or collaboration. Elements of the RGT grade material are taught in lessons anyway in more flexible ways, including scales and aural skills. I help all students to develop good technique in the styles they want to play, working as much as possible on the songs and genres they are most into, including their own music, often working out unique arrangements.

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