Have you taken up the guitar during lockdown? 

If so, how is it going?   

Online sales of guitars have rocketed from March 2020, bought by those with more time on their hands at home, with the intention of learning a new skill, or fulfilling a dream to play the guitar. 

If you are one of these folk, how are you getting on?

Have you learned to play some chords and mastered strumming, perhaps even started to fingerpick.

Or has it been more difficult than you expected? Have you been practising regularly? 

It could be that you need some guidance from a professional guitar teacher to set you on the right track. I have a number of students who fit this profile and have joined me for one to one guitar lessons during the lockdown. Their playing is developing and they are enjoying the ride.

Using Zoom, it doesn't matter when you live, we can connect and you could get the support, guidance and direction that you need. Your first lesson would be free, when I would find out what your aims are, what you can play already and explain how I will be able to help you.  

If you want to fulfil your dream to play the guitar, get in touch. It's fantastically rewarding when you really get going with guitar playing and it all starts to make sense and sound good!

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