The limits of YouTube guitar lesson videos

One of the most amazing things about the Internet has to be YouTube. For music lovers and musicians it is so rich with great performances and recordings, and I have lost count of the excellent artists and music I have discovered on there.  

There are also thousands of 'lessons' for guitar - and for other instruments but especially the guitar - and some people say YouTube can give you what you need to learn to play the guitar or other instruments. However, I have had many new students come to me saying  they have spent months trying to learn songs from YouTube but they have not made the progress they had hoped for.  All of these students have then gone on to make very good progress and gain in confidence and musicianship once they have got going with old fashioned one to on guitar lessons from myself! 

Firstly, they have needed the personalised advice and guidance a teacher can give, with the focus and discipline of carefully building up knowledge and musical techniques and returning the following week. Secondly, they have benefited from ensuring that they are developing good habits and not getting into bad ones with things like posture, how they hold the guitar etc.

Thirdly, although a lot of people want to play the guitar for their own relaxation and reward and not necessarily perform, an easy mistake to make is to aim to play songs or pieces that are beyond their ability level. This needs to be developed carefully and gradually and this is best done with the help of an expert tutor. Closely connected to this is the benefit of playing along with your teacher, which brings a lot of enjoyment - this goes for me as well, I have to say.  Plus a number of people who have started as 'bedroom pickers' have moved on to collaborate with others or join an Open Mic session.

In many ways YouTube videos remind me of tutor books, which have been around for a long time. Some of them are good but it's hard to know which will be good for you and which will turn to be a waste of time (or worst of all do more harm than good, sending you down the wrong track).

So, if you have been working with YouTube videos but it's not getting you much further on, get in touch and arrange a free first lesson.  We can talk about your musical goals, and I can tell you how lessons could enable you to get there.

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